Here in the Midwest, until a week ago we were still asking  ‘where is summer?’ Today’s temperature in the high eighties, with a lot of humidity, says summer may have arrived.

Summer is my all time favorite season, heat, humidity and everything that goes with it, except for mosquitoes. My favorite place is on a beach with a good book. I will share with you a few books that I have read in the last few months that are worth taking a look at.

The  first is  The Nightingale, by Katrina Hannah, which is a story about two sisters during WWII who each in their own manner, as well as their estranged father, work diligently saving thousands of lives while France was being bombed.

The second is Where the Crawdads Sing by  Delia Owens. This was a real page turner and I read it in one night! (It was a really late night for sure). A young sister and brother under the age of ten are abandoned by their father after the mother’s death. Soon after due to abuse, the brother leaves the sister to fend for herself. It is the story of true reliance, survival, grit determination, self learning, and lasting friendship which eventually turns to love for the girl.

The third which I just finished yesterday is A Beach Wish, by Shelley Noble which is set on the ocean front town in New England. The primary character, Zoe, finds herself in unfamiliar territory to complete her mother’s final wishes and a whole new family she knew nothing of. Great read.

The final one to share with you is The Dream Daughter, by Diane Chamberlain. This is a great read especially if you enjoy time travel. Again, this is a war time story with a wonderful very special ending. I loved it!

So, happy reading wherever you are in your summer!




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