Purpose, Joy and Positives


Grace lies within us, always. It is in our souls, hearts and every cell of our being. It is defined as ‘unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration  or sanctification’ (Merriam -Webster).

Recently,  one of my  daughters and I were talking about aging and we agreed that to age gracefully is a worthwhile endeavor. Ahhhhhh…….yes, to be able to accept the changes that transcend our minds and bodies as we move through the decades; to look in the mirror and feel content with our reflection; to understand the wisdom of life’s experiences, positive and negative; to be genuinely accepting of those around us who can still do more; and to not feel anxious about things to come. Challenges will always be there, young or aging; it is all in how you chose to manage the challenges.

I think my mother, who lived to a remarkable 94 years of age, nailed it. She said that an important part of life was about having something to look forward to. I would embellish that thought not only to include planning and visualizing positive activities, but to also keep our minds focused on gratitude for our many blessings and work with where we are in life. Stay on today and make it a great one!!!  It is all about attitude and that is a choice we can make each morning.

“Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.”  (French Proverb)

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