Self-doubt, anxiety over decisions, questioning our worth, wondering if we are ‘good enough’…..these would all fall under the umbrella of insecurity.  They hang in the back of our consciousness and come forth when we find ourselves out of our comfort zone. Perhaps, we start a new job but perceive ourselves as not competent and wish we had never signed that contract in the first place. Feelings of being fraudulent surface daily as we open that door. Maybe, we sense that others are judging us in various situations that we have not excelled to our own expectations. Or possibly, we just take note in negativity that others are so much better than we are in _________________. Fill in the blank.

Where do these feelings come from and why won’t they go away? There can be many reasons as to the cause of these feelings. Remember, your feelings are valid, only you can change those. Examples of few of the root causes could be any number of things, such as, anxiety, being constantly berated as a young child, limited positive talk in the household, being bullied during school age years, or verbal/emotional/physical abuse in your life as either a child or an adult. These feelings then perpetuate throughout life and steal away our own personal self power.

Changing our self-talk, taking risks and succeeding, being decisive and trusting in our own power are steps we can take to build our inner strength. There is no better feeling than stepping out, making a decision, sticking to it and getting to the finish line. This boosts our confidence and is a great beginning to upgrading our self worth and ‘yes, I am enough status’.

“When you feel insecure or like you don’t measure up—remind yourself of how far you’ve come. And in the moment you’ll realize you’ve climbed mountains and can overcome anything.” (Brittany Burgunder, Author, Certified Professional Coach)

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