A few weeks ago at Mass one of the readings was about Solomon’s answer when the Lord asked him what he could give him. What did Solomon want from the Lord? Solomon asked Him for “a listening heart to judge your people and to distinguish between good and evil”(1 Kings 3: 9). Simply, Solomon did not ask for wealth, power, or a long life. No he asked for wisdom. This greatly pleased the Lord.

The homily that followed and my thoughts about applying it to my own life gave me pause for reflection. First, I had to understand that by asking for wisdom, all the other things Solomon needed would be provided for because he had the gift of wisdom and could discern well. He would want for nothing, absolutely nothing. Second, I began to think about how to revise my own prayer requests. It has been enlightening for me.

My prayers and meditations usually start with gratitudes, a daily reading from a scripture reflection, specific prayers for others in my life, and then prayer requests. For some time, I have been requesting resolution to a major issue in my life; for the Lord to ‘fix it’, along with other requests for healing and solutions to life’s general dilemmas. Same requests, done in pretty much the same verse daily. However, my light bulb moment while driving one day the following week after this Mass and homily, presented itself. MAYBE I AM REQUESTING THE WRONG THINGS! Yes, I should be asking for wisdom and wisdom alone.

Thus, I have changed the way I end my prayer time and I ask only for wisdom. I believe that with wisdom, I will be shown what action I personally need to take in finding solutions and healing. I also know that having wisdom will lead me to the right choices, positive actions for others put in my life, and a greater purpose.

May the gift of wisdom be your guide on this journey.



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