We all long for happiness at our core, especially during these trying times of 2020, with its challenges and so much being out of our control. At times, true happiness can seem so elusive and just out of reach. In other life chapters, happiness feels like it exudes from our being. Happiness means different things to each person in their own unique understanding of it. I recently listened to a podcast given by Dominick Albano titled “Fundamental Theory of Happiness”. Here are the four fundamentals of happiness he discusses.

First, when we become dissatisfied with things, think about making some sort of small sacrifice each day. For example, pass on the second cup of coffee, skip dessert, read something positive instead of watching the movie, call an old friend, reach out to help someone.

Second, deepen your perception by having a daily time of silence…..no Alexa playing, TV going, podcast cuing up, phone ringing, washer going……complete silence. Several years ago, I began the new habit of the first 15-30 minutes of my day being devoted to just sitting in silence, either outside or in my resting space. It really does change your perception as you tune in to your inner most thoughts.

Albano’s third point is called the Permanent Principle. Think of something that has to do with your purpose and how permanent that is in your life. He states that the more permanent something is, the more it relates to your purpose.

Finally, the fourth point is to live with purpose and ON PURPOSE. Something he discusses here is having a daily affirmation. The action he speaks of connected to this point is to be generous with love, starting with Our Lord, others and ourselves.

Where are you on your personal happiness continuum in this chapter of your life? Do you want to move the mark to the right? How can you do that?

Wishing you each HAPPINESS!


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