In the last few months due to the pandemic,  I am sure we have all experienced a little bit of both the above. We are alone much of the time as we social distance and at times this may induce the feeling of being lonely. During this time, it is so important to take good care of not only our physical, but also our emotional and spiritual health.

When things in life change so rapidly and so counter to the life we knew and understood how to navigate, it can be overwhelming. Yes, overwhelming to the point that we really have to work at lifting our spirits, even if we are by nature a positive, joy filled  person. It is important to take those feelings, bless them for what they are (they are real),  let  them simmer in our minds, and then give way to a different place in our thinking/feeling. As with most feelings brought about by unwelcome changes, they will be temporary. Temporary can be defined on a time line differently by everyone. But we do make our own ‘temporary’. We get to chose.

As I have walked this journey in my own life, I know that I can still thank the Lord every morning and night for the gifts and the graces I have been given, have not lost, and wish to pass on to others. Maybe it is just a phone call, a long overdue handwritten note, a ‘hello’ text, the sending of a small gift or dropping something at a friend’s front door that I can do today. I have always found that when I do things for others, my own emotional being  feels better.

May you chose to use your alone or lonely to lift someone else up, especially now during this unprecedented journey we all are living.





For me this picture speaks tranquility. The water is calm and the boats appear to be aimlessly floating along.  As I was sitting this morning with this view, I was contemplating when I feel most tranquil. The answers included  when I am in Yoga, painting,  with my grandkids, or viewing the ocean and hearing the waves softly lap at the shore. Yoga relaxes me completely and I usually am in the moment on my mat with a clear intention for the day. Painting brings forth my creativity with color and imagination of beauty; I can get lost in my picture for hours. The grandkids provide a different kind of tranquility; of course, it   is not always tranquil. The most tranquil time with them is when I am reading a book to them and they are  literally wrapped around me, or if I happen to be at their homes and get to tuck them in after their prayers.

These are simple moments of  JOY,  calm and a feeling of being ‘right with self and the world’. It isn’t about appearances, what money can buy,  where one might travel, or the pursuit of anything.  It is that inner place of  freedom from anxiety, doubt, or  stress one can get to when all other worldly distractions are set aside. One’s heart and mind can just be. Sometimes, we have to intentionally chose to find this place.

“It is in your power to withdraw yourself whenever you desire. Perfect tranquility within consists in the good ordering of the mind, the realm of your own.” (Marcus Aurelius)

What brings you tranquility?